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Aruba Central - AP BSSID Export Needed

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  • 1.  Aruba Central - AP BSSID Export Needed

    Posted Sep 12, 2022 12:32 PM
    We are just about done deploying 100 new APs on Aruba Central. I need to update our E911 system to include the BSSID Radio MAC Addresses for the new APs. I can't find any way to export this information from central or the Aruba Instant VC UI.

    The best I can find so far is click on each individual AP in the central UI, copy and past the HW MAC for each radio on the AP into a spreadsheet. I really don't have the time for that, nor do I want to use a method that is so likely to be error-prone. This was a 3 click export process from Airwave for our old APs. The reporting in Central seems like it is extremely limited in what it is able to provide.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • 2.  RE: Aruba Central - AP BSSID Export Needed

    Posted Sep 12, 2022 12:49 PM
    Well. I found a way shortly after posting this. I found an export in the API tools that DID include what I needed. Then I had to convert the JSON to CSV.

    This works fine, but Central should still have a more robust reporting tool that doesn't require using the API tools.

  • 3.  RE: Aruba Central - AP BSSID Export Needed

    Posted Jun 13, 2024 06:51 AM

    Jrasmussenhtc, can you share what you did?  Or has anyone found a way to do this in Central?  I am in the exact same situation.  Central, 250 APs, need BSSID list for E911.


  • 4.  RE: Aruba Central - AP BSSID Export Needed

    Posted Jun 14, 2024 03:00 AM

    You can find example python package at 

    To obtain BSSIDs from APs modify commands.json to contain command 177.

        "device_type": "IAP",
        "commands": [
                "command_id": 177,
                "arguments": [
                        "name": "",
                        "value": ""

    More instructions are in documentation.

    It will go over all APs you select in filter.json or in command line argument and list all BSSIDs active on AP.

    COMMAND=show cluster bss-table
    cluster bss table
    bssid              radio  essid       ap name             ap ip
    -----              -----  -----       -------             -----
    80:8d:b7:xx:xx:xx  0      xxxxxxa     SGC AP08-Recepcija
    80:8d:b7:xx:xx:xx  1      xxxxxxa     SGC AP08-Recepcija
    80:8d:b7:xx:xx:xx  0      Celje WiFi  SGC AP08-Recepcija
    80:8d:b7:xx:xx:xx  1      Celje WiFi  SGC AP08-Recepcija

    For one time job, you can use API call as Jrasmussenhtc did and you will get result in JSON format for all APs in selected filter..

    https://<central cluster><group name>

    To get it go to Global /  Organization / Platform Integration / REST API.

    You will find the call under Monitoring / AP / List BSSIDs.

    Third option is to use pycentral call  command with monitoring/v2/bssids. You can use my python script as starting point.

    Best, Gorazd

    Gorazd Kikelj
    MVP Guru 2024