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Deploying HPE Aruba Networking wireless LAN environments requiring a high level of security.

Aruba RAP certificates through AP console CLI

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  • 1.  Aruba RAP certificates through AP console CLI

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    In an effort to automate/script the process provisioning a Remote Access Point using an external custom CA, generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), and uploading the signed certificate, we would like to do this through the command line interface (CLI) within the RAP console/ssh.

    We are able to elevate the permissions within the RAP console using the ESC key followed by Ctrl + k combination.

    The issue we are having is attempting to import the custom CA through the "ap_cert_mgr -i <certificate_file_path> -t ca" command appearing to just hang not doing anything. We have tried manipulating the /tmp/customCA.pem file directly as well that the WebGUI "" calls forth when requesting to view an uploaded/present "Custom CA certificate" from the "CERTIFICATES" tab.

    Secondly, just to save future troubleshooting, would be be correct in assuming to use the openssl command within the CLI to generate our CSR? If doing this will it actually generate the CSR in the appropriate manner that the Aruba RAP expects as you would see within the RAP console WebGUI stating "Generated CSR: Present.

    Thank you for any assistance in advance.