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Azure Chatbot to query the network - is this possible?

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  • 1.  Azure Chatbot to query the network - is this possible?

    Posted Aug 25, 2021 04:34 AM
    I have been fortunate enough to contribute to a very large Aruba network, with AOS-S, AOS-CX, Mobile and CPPM. The challenge is with large networks its hard to teach all the support team, everything about the network.

    I wanted to explore the idea of using an Azure chatbot to interrogate the network - and while I know this may be harder than it actually sounds I was interested in what it would take. 

    Is this something anybody else has considered or working on, or is it something that wouldn't be feasible using the Azure service?

    I wanted to be able to do things like
    • What's the health of switch X?
    • What's the serial number of the Switch Y?
    • How often has switch Z gone down?
    or even for front line staff/users

    Is the device with mac X connected to the wireless?


    Andy Partridge