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Beacon caching and ageFilter

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  • 1.  Beacon caching and ageFilter

    Posted Jun 01, 2021 04:15 PM
    I created an iBeacon that sent out major=0xDEAD minor=0xBEEF as its identifiers.  I ran it for a couple of days.  Then I changed the beacon format so it was no longer reporting as an iBeacon.  When I read the messages coming from an Aruba AP (campus mode, so via the controller writing to websocket) the Aruba system still reported that major/minor as if it were an iBeacon.  Not surprising, I figured it would be cached.  In the transportProfile I have ageFitler set to 120.  After 2 minutes it was still reporting DEAD BEEF.

    I interpreted ageFilter to be 120 seconds, but I haven't found documentation that says what the units are.  Did this happen because it's actually 120 minutes, or 120 hours?


    Christopher Piggott