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How do you remove stale gateway tunnels

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  • 1.  How do you remove stale gateway tunnels

    Posted 7 days ago

    I've been setting up SD-Branch Prisma Access integrations. Whilst doing so I created, removed and created (again) IPSec maps to Prisma Access on my gateway. I was tweaking it till I got it just right. 

    I can now see the 2 VPN tunnels up on Central on my gateway when I go to WAN > Tunnels. The issue is I can also see 4 other tunnels which appear identical to the ones that are up, but they're down.

    See the image below. The green highlighted tunnels are actual tunnels that are configured and are up. The red ones are not present.

    I've tried removing all Prisma Access IPSec maps and leaving the gateway for 24 hours. Then rebooting the gateway. This didn't remove the stale tunnels. I've tried Cleare IPSec SA & Clear ISAKMP SA. When checking the CLI these tunnels were not present. 

    I re-added the tunnels following the above troubleshooting which is when the screenshot was taken.

    Any ideas?