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Central Newbie: How to add "special" configurations through groups?

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  • 1.  Central Newbie: How to add "special" configurations through groups?

    Posted Apr 10, 2024 11:16 AM


    I'm using Central for first time to AV-related project and trying to figure out few things...

    In 6300 edges, several vlan interfaces need to have IGMP snooping on and few of those vlan's appreciates if igmp version is 2 instead of default v3 and then need to have dhcp-snooping, ptp transparent and other features working too...

    I would like to get as close as possible to ZTP provisioning of switches I can but it seems that I still need to do quite a lot manual config to get proper config to switches. Also afterwards adding vlan should be more like it happens in group style of configuration rather than configuring devices same way than NetEdit.

    If I use templates, can I deploy template after edit or is it one shot only when adding device to group?

    If device goes broke, is there any way to replace device easily? I know there is "Device Replacement" under Organization but I just noted that there is no data from disconnected devices which are configured and now shutted down (situation is same than if device starts to burn and it's not suddenly available at all) which indicates that I cannot replace device properly throug that way...

    Jori Luoto
    AV-IT Specialist

  • 2.  RE: Central Newbie: How to add "special" configurations through groups?

    Posted Apr 11, 2024 08:57 AM

    Hi Jori.

    Yes, templates are the way to go.

    Use template variables to made specific changes to each switch. Variables are bound to switch serial number. When you replace the switch, you need to upload variable values for new switch serial number to be used for configuration.

    Template configuration is applied after you edit template itself or variable values.

    Best, Gorazd 

    Gorazd Kikelj
    MVP Guru 2024