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Central on prem backup requirements

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  • 1.  Central on prem backup requirements

    Posted 10 days ago
    The COP user manual says  ....
    Backing up and Restoring Aruba Central System Data

    Aruba Central (on-premises) supports backing up of system information, group configuration data, alerts, events, audit trail, sites, labels, and historical reports. You can backup Aruba Central data either manually or set a schedule for an automatic backing up of the data.

    Important Points to Note

    Before backing data, you must have a file server configured and ready to save the backup file.

    Backups consumes large amounts of space (up to 5 terabyte). Make sure you have sufficient space for a successful backup operation.

    The restore operation deletes any configuration applied before the restore. It also deletes and replaces device variables with the backed up that is being restored.

    For restore operation, make sure you provide the file path that you used for backup and select the appropriate backup file version.

    That really seems excessive ....  that for the  7 node cluster?

    Guess it does depend on number of devices you're managing and how much data you're retaining  ....

    Anyone got an idea of real world  examples of backup sizes ?


  • 2.  RE: Central on prem backup requirements

    Posted 10 days ago
    The backup includes logs and all data which is depended on number of devices and clients etc.
    We have seen backups upto 2 TB on a 7 node cluster with ~24K AP's.