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Clearpass Intune version 6 enable User Groups

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  • 1.  Clearpass Intune version 6 enable User Groups

    Posted 14 days ago


    In the Clearpass Intune version 6 extension configuration I see two options I would like to understand; enableUserGroups and userGroupUpdateSchedule.

    "logLevel": "INFO",
    "verifySSLCerts": true,
    "azureADEndpoint": "",
    "graphEndpoint": "",
    "tenantId": "********",
    "clientId": "********",
    "clientSecret": "********",
    "syncPageSize": 50,
    "enableSyncAll": true,
    "syncAllSchedule": "*/2 * * * *",
    "syncUpdatedOnly": true,
    "syncAllOnStart": true,
    "enableEndpointCache": false,
    "endpointCacheTimeSeconds": 900,
    "intuneAttributes": null,
    "enableUserGroups": true,
    "userGroupUpdateSchedule": "*/2 * * * *",
    "bypassProxy": false,
    "enableStats": false,
    "statsUsername": "",
    "statsPassword": "********"

    In the log I see the following
    [2022-08-05T12:02:00.885] [INFO] Intune - User/Group update complete. Processed 9 Groups and 7 Users in 835.410815 ms.
    [2022-08-05T12:02:00.885] [INFO] Intune - There are currently 9 Groups, 7 Users and 9 User-Group mappings in the database.

    So it seems to be doing something. But where do I see those attributes in ClearPass? Can I use them in a policy?

    I would like to differentiate certain computers based on for example a security group in Intune.

    Hope someone can assist me further,

    With kind regards,