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Clearpass wireless guest

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  • 1.  Clearpass wireless guest

    Posted May 24, 2022 03:26 AM
    Hi Team,

    Please kindly help this. Currently, I set up a guest network on our Meraki AP and I hope that after the guest connects to this network, it will be redirected to a self-registration page, and when he finishes registering and logs in on the web page, I update the endpoint properties through a enforcement profile as shown in the following figure 1, and use [Meraki - Terminate session] to recertify. Then the user will regenerate a mac authentication, match the rules I set by MAC-Auth Expiry as shown in the following figure 2. 

    The problem is I can see the enforcement profile successfully update the attribute to endpoint(see figure 3), but the second authentication cannot match the rule(figure 4). Could you give me some suggesstion?

    The solution now is that the visitor needs to manually disconnect the WIFI and reconnect, and then I can see the MAC-Authen Expiry attribute in the new request details. While this is a solution, it is not what we want, we want to be indifferent to the guest.

    Figure 1:
    Figure 2:
    Figure 3:

    Figure 4:

    Hevin Huo