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Client Behavior When Aruba AP Detects DFS Channel.

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  • 1.  Client Behavior When Aruba AP Detects DFS Channel.

    Posted Nov 15, 2023 02:13 PM

    When the Aruba AP detects the DFS channel,  macOS goes into quiet mode, but is this correct because the Aruba AP instructs this to prevent the client from emitting unnecessary radio waves? Does it return to normal mode immediately when the channel changes? I've been seeing a lot of issue in my office where the AP detects the DFS channel and Mac goes into Quiet mode and never returns.

  • 2.  RE: Client Behavior When Aruba AP Detects DFS Channel.

    Posted Nov 16, 2023 02:27 AM

    Hi, I am not an Apple guys but I cannot Imagine why the Client will go into "Quite Mode".

    When the AP moves to another DFS channel, the wait time is 60 seconds (Channel Availability Check Time - CAC) as it must listen for additional radar pulses.  

    There is an option that can be enabled called "channel switch announcement".  This notifies clients on the channel that the AP will soon switch to another channel after radar is detected.  This allows the clients to move with the AP.
    Some Aruba APs have the "Zero Wait" Feature which does not bring you into the 60 seconds CAC Time issue.
    This come by rule from the regulatory domains.
    There are several ways of avoid this:
    - disable DFS Channels

    - Use Zero Wait APs
    - use Channel Change Announcement feature