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Cluster with 2 gateway with wlan license

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  • 1.  Cluster with 2 gateway with wlan license

    Posted Feb 28, 2024 12:51 PM


    I was reading on how to configure this, and it seems pretty easy with the ZTP 

    I just have a question I was looking at a video of aruba of how to deploy it and there is an specific vlan that he added which is the system vlan and we have also the management vlan.

    The system vlan is the one that he uses to communicate the network services such as radius, tacacs and snmp as far I know

    Is there a reason of why he was using a unique vlan just for that instead of using the managment vlan?

    I guess I could just use the managment vlan for that purpose too, 

    its a best practice? or I should not use it for a reason ? and I should create the system vlan always for a reason?

    Also is there any advantage of doing my cluster manually over the autoclustering?

    If I do an autoclustering is recommended doing it per site or per group? or there is no recommended, it just whatever you want or need?


  • 2.  RE: Cluster with 2 gateway with wlan license
    Best Answer

    Posted Apr 06, 2024 04:58 AM


    afaik there is no reason to seperate them. We have deployed hundreds of AOS10 gateways which have only one IP address.

    The clustering choice of auto-group or auto-site depends on your design. 

    You could have one group in the DMZ and want to tunnel all guest SSIDs from all sites to that group. Then you can use auto-group clustering for that. In the future you can easily increase the cluster size by just adding new gateways to the group.

    If you have many sites and want to tunnel a SSID always to the local site of the AP you use auto-site clustering. 

    Then assign the same site to APs and GWs and they tunnel the traffic.

    Manually creating clusters have some advantages. You can set cluster VRRP addresses for RADIUS, like in AOS8 clusters, for example. These are not set in auto-clusters.


  • 3.  RE: Cluster with 2 gateway with wlan license

    Posted Jun 21, 2024 01:35 PM