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Comware Sending ACL logs to Snmp Agent

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  • 1.  Comware Sending ACL logs to Snmp Agent

    Posted Apr 21, 2016 11:12 AM

    Hello all,

    I just had a question regarding the info-center and snmp-agent configuarations. Currently i have a HP 5500 Switch which has an ACL rule setup to block IP packets from a specified address. The acl works and was defined as such (Where X's are used to represent an IP address): 

    rule 0 deny ip source X.X.X.X 0 destination X.X.X.X 0 logging

    When i log into the web interface and look at the syslog im able to see logs that show all the traffic and acl blocks; however im not recieving any of those notifications on my snmp-agent. On the snmp agent im only getting messages from the trapbuffer (link up/down, ssh connections, web connections...etc). I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or ideas on how i can configure this properly; I've reffered to the manual but still seem to be having trouble with this. In the info center ive setup the TRAP, DEBUG and LOG levels to informational so i thought this should work.

    info-center source default channel 5 log state on trap level debugging debug state on

    Thanks again for any help.