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Configure WCL and access points in mode bridge

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  • 1.  Configure WCL and access points in mode bridge

    Posted 24 days ago
    I have configured access points with WCL in mode tunnel, it is working ok, but the customer wants the APs and WCL 7220 in mode bridge.
    I configured on  switch aruba 6200  the port in mode trunk for access points with vlan 48 untagged to APs managment and others vlan for SSID, I configured on the WCL7220 the SSID in mode bridge, but APs  received not IP adresses
    this is the switch configuration
    int 3/1/1
    description APs
        no shutdown
        mtu 9198
        no routing
       vlan trunk native 48
       vlan trunk allowed 17,18,28,68,96,216

  • 2.  RE: Configure WCL and access points in mode bridge

    Posted 24 days ago


    The whole point of using a controller with AOS 8 is to tunnel the traffic to the controller, bridge mode APs should be avoided.  If bridge mode is necessary, the APs should be deployed in Instant mode or managed by Central so that AOS 10 is usable.

    Your switchport configuration doesn't include VLAN 48 in the allowed VLAN list.

    Carson Hulcher, ACEX#110