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Connect a cluster to Airwave server through Firewall

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  • 1.  Connect a cluster to Airwave server through Firewall

    Posted Jun 08, 2023 09:34 AM


    Our network topology changed and security is more strict now, my Airwave server is now seperated from ours IAP cluster via a Firewall.

    Because Airwave has been move to a new network zone its IP has changed, i updated the Airwave server IP in IAP cluster and i can see connection attempt from the Cluster master IP to airwave. The problem is the Cluster master can change and i can't allow every access point of every cluster to reach Airwave server. 

    Is there a way to force the cluster to connect Airwave server with always the same source IP ?

    Thanks in advance


  • 2.  RE: Connect a cluster to Airwave server through Firewall

    Posted Jun 09, 2023 03:53 AM

    Unfortunately not the ability to specifically define a source IP, as you are aware the Master IAP will change so you will need to allow all IAPs in the cluster the ability to speak to AirWave. However, that being said there is the option to manually provision a master AP which would define the HTTPS source to AirWave and thus using the same source IP.