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Connecting AP503H to existing IAP315 Virtual Controller. Have I bought a brick?

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  • 1.  Connecting AP503H to existing IAP315 Virtual Controller. Have I bought a brick?

    Posted Nov 30, 2021 06:04 AM

    I am about to throw this thing through the window due to frustration. Why is this so difficult?

    I have 2 x IAP315s using a Virtual Controller. Current Version

    I have purchased an AP503H (RW) because someone on reddit said that the Universal APs are compatible. SW version on the pack appears to be I understand that they need to all be running the same firmware version, but it appears as though the IAP315s can only upgrade to (at the moment).

    When I fire it up, it seems to come up. It gets an IP address from the DHCP Server and when I attempt to browse to that address on http (at first) I get redirected across to the primary controller but of course I can't see this new device on the Access Points list on the Virtual Controller.

    When I try to go back to the actual IP address of the AP503H on SSL this time. I get the login page but cannot login for the life of me.

    When I reset the AP503H I have to use a different browser because the cert issue go mental and I can't be bothered killing off the old certs.

    Anyway, someone else on the Aruba support forums said something about making sure you try and fire up the AP503H on it's own network as it might be trying to connect to Virtual Controller. When I do that I finally see the setmeupXX:XX:XX SSID and I can connect to it from my phone and quickly jump onto the  site and can log in using the admin/serial number combination. The first step is to redo the password and I do this but then the setmeupXX:XX:XX SSID disappears.

    I've tried this several times and managed to get to the step where it asks for the region but it seems like I need an internet connection to set this thing up? Do I need to power off my IAPs in order to configure this? Do I need to take it to someone else's house to set this up? Simple home network here.

    What am I doing wrong. I feel like an absolute omegle idiot here!

    My main concern though is that I am worried I will not be able to downgrade the AP503H firmware to match the IAP315. I've browsed the Aruba support site and there are lots azar of related files but I have no idea which one I need. When trying to find something for a AP500 series, I get zip!

    please help

    Linda Xlie

  • 2.  RE: Connecting AP503H to existing IAP315 Virtual Controller. Have I bought a brick?

    Posted Nov 30, 2021 07:39 AM
    You cannot join the APs in the same network unless they have the same firmware version.

    What should work:
    - Create a backup of your configuration, for in case you have the 315 join the 505H with an empty configuration
    - Get the factory firmware for both APs from:;search=factory;products=Aruba%20Access%20Points;productSeries=Aruba%20500H%20Series%20Hospitality%20Access%20Points,Aruba%20310%20Series%20Campus%20Access%20Points (no login needed)
    - Upgrade the existing 315 (cluster) to that version (Hercules is for the 315)
    - Either in a separate network, or power-off your 315s so they are not active at the same time, power on the AP505H, upgrade with the Gemini image
    - Shutdown the 505H
    - Boot up the 315s... make sure it's fully operational
    - Add the 505H to the same network and power on
    - The 505H should join the existing cluster and take the configuration

    Herman Robers
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