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Correct power cord to use in Zambia

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  • 1.  Correct power cord to use in Zambia

    Posted Jul 21, 2023 01:53 PM

    Hi everyone!

    Does anybody know what would be the correct powercord/location code for Zambia to be selected with Aruba gear?

    There seems to be using three types, C, D and G
    Would it be #ABB or #ACC or possibly some other?

  • 2.  RE: Correct power cord to use in Zambia

    Posted Jul 24, 2023 04:19 AM

    I'm not a specialist on this topic, but is looks like there a 3 different types of power plugs in use. I found this web page that states:

    In Zambia the power plug sockets are of type C, D and G. Check out the following pictures.

    • Type C: also known as the standard "Euro" plug. This socket also works with plug E and plug F.
    • Type D: mainly used in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and some African countries. This socket only works with plug D.
    • Type G: this type is of British origin. This socket only works with plug G.

    And here is the localization list (taken from Iris):

    For Type C, it would be ABB localization with the important remark that there are no ground/earth pens on type C so it should only be used for light equipment. Larger switches, controllers should have a ground for safety reasons, as well I think the displayed outlet may not be specified for full power (16A / 220V; not sure if that will also be 16A / 110V which seems used in  Zambia).

    Type D may be the India localization (ACJ), but you may get a 'M type' in that case which seems not compatible with 'D'.

    Type G is what is used in UK and many places that have been under influence of the UK in the past. That's ACC localization.

    First step would be to find out what is the outlet actually used where you want to install the equipment. That may be regional or dependent on when the building was manufactured.

    As in countries with different plugs this probably is a 'know issue', it may also be that the power cables can better be sourced locally so you know that you have the right one. Or do a guess (ask people locally for the best guess) and fallback to local sourcing if you did the wrong guess. Most equipment will have a C8 (C7 cable) / C14 (C13 cable) or C16 (C15 cable) inlet. Some equipment has wall plug power supplies, which don't have separate cables, but those can probably be fitted in a EU (Type-C) or UK (Type-G) outlet.

    Herman Robers
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