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cppm profiler conflict clash

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  • 1.  cppm profiler conflict clash

    Posted Sep 06, 2023 05:26 AM


    cppm 6.11.4

    2930 f/w wc.16.11.13

    I have a network with switches configured to use  fingerprint collectors for dhcp, http and lldp. I'm not using  udp forwarding at a router endpoint as im trying to move towards switches dealing with the fingerprint function, especialy with the CX 10.12 / cppm 6.11.4 ability to pass fingerprint data via RADIUS accounting packets.

    While this works fine for most devices, for some  managed windows devices  I have a primary fingerprint that says its an unknown device with the os family of the mac oui  manufacturer but then an other category/other os faily/other device name of Computer/Windows/Windows 10/11

    I then have to manually  decide what to do with the device. This isn't bad when you have 1 or 2 devices but when. you have 100's its a bit of a pain.

    Has anyone. seen this sort of thing?  there is a device-fingerprint  timer setting on the arubaos-s switch that defines how often the switch sends data to cppm but  its a bit difficult to track down whsats going wrong, especially if you dont actually have access to a windows device thats seeing the issue. I've also got another set of windows devices that work just fine