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CX 10.11 end of support Nov. 30

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  • 1.  CX 10.11 end of support Nov. 30

    Posted 7 days ago

    With the SSR release of CX 10.11 ending support in 10 days, which is the recommended stable release version for access and datacenter switches.

    Go back to 10.10 (LSR)?

    10.13 is too new.

    Is 10.12 stable enough?

    We have 6300Ms that needed 10.11 for ISSU so I don't think we can go back to 10.10

    We are about to deploy a pair of 8360 as our new core in 3 weeks.  Wondering what version to go to there.

    We have many access 6100/6000s that we will probably be OK with 10.12 

  • 2.  RE: CX 10.11 end of support Nov. 30

    Posted 7 days ago
    Hi! if I were you I would probably adopt a "conservative" approach particularly on Core layer (where you're going to deploy the VSX) using AOS-CX 10.10 LSR, waiting to move on next LSR AOS-CX 10.14 when it will be released...and a "less conservative" one on Access layer using AOS-CX 10.12 SSR...clearly if you have no requirements to use AOS-CX 10.12 SSR on the Core layer too.

  • 3.  RE: CX 10.11 end of support Nov. 30

    Posted 6 days ago

    next LSR AOS-CX 10.14 when it will be released

    Will 10.14 be an LSR?  10.13 is already classified as one.

  • 4.  RE: CX 10.11 end of support Nov. 30

    Posted 6 days ago

    Well, I freely made an assumption about the LSR-SSR-LSR sequence (release cycle) considering one AOS-CX LSR every three consecutive AOS-CX SSRs:

    10.00 no SSR/LSR concept

    10.01 no SSR/LSR concept

    10.02 no SSR/LSR concept

    10.03 no SSR/LSR concept

    10.04 no SSR/LSR concept

    10.05 no SSR/LSR concept

    10.06 1st declared LSR

    10.07 1st declared SSR

    10.08 2nd declared SSR

    10.09 3rd declared SSR

    10.10 2nd declared LSR

    10.11 4th declared SSR 

    10.12 5th declared SSR

    10.13 6th declared SSR ? Edit 10.13 was declared LSR, the 3rd.

    10.14 3rd declared LSR ? Edit 10.14 will probably be a SSR, the 6th.

    Maybe I was wrong with that free unchecked assumption.

    If the AOS-CX 10.13 was already "classified" as the new LSR, that's nice! It means I can move from the robust 10.10 LSR to 10.13 during the next few months (waiting at least three or four builds) without waiting the release of the next major AOS-CX 10.14 (which is, in my mind, still far far away...).

    Edit: I was wrong, I checked the AOS-CX 10.13.0005 Release Notes (I didn't read it before) and - as you wrote - it's written that:

    so I'm quite happy (and Aruba shortened the LSR-SSR-LSR sequence cycle)!