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CX6300 - Sub-interface Bandwidth Control

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  • 1.  CX6300 - Sub-interface Bandwidth Control

    Posted 22 days ago

    Hi, new to the forum, hope this is posted in the right area.

    Need help configuring a sub interface with on a CX6300 with bandwidth control. On Cisco equipment this is usually accomplished by specifying a "policy-map", "class", then police cir "(value in bps)". Then assigning the "service-policy" to the sub-interface.

    Find my way around tabbing and using the ? in the cli, i see i can create a policy then class on the CX6300, then navigate back into policy just created then issue "class ip (name of class) action cir kbps (kbps value) cbs (burst in bytes) exceed drop". Am I in the right area, is this the equivalent to Cisco above? Finding little to no documentation on this. All I am trying to do is set two sub-interfaces to 50mbps. The top level interface is already set at 100-full. 


  • 2.  RE: CX6300 - Sub-interface Bandwidth Control
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    Posted 21 days ago

    here you can find all the user guides for 6300 switches.

    I think sub-interfaces will be covered in the Fundamentals Guide and bandwidth control will be covered in Quality of Service Guide

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  • 3.  RE: CX6300 - Sub-interface Bandwidth Control

    Posted 20 days ago

    Thanks Ariya, the user guides section you referenced is most helpful!

    For the record, setting policies for bandwidth control looks to be covered in "ACLs and Classifiers Policy Guide - 10.13"Overall, you got me to right where I needed to be to find the information, I will mark this as the solution.