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Design considerations for datacentre/WAN using Aruba CX & fabric composer

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  • 1.  Design considerations for datacentre/WAN using Aruba CX & fabric composer

    Posted 23 days ago

    I'm working on implementing a new ArubaCX environment for hardware already purchased (6x 8360-32Y4C).  As part of that purchase we also got Aruba Fabric Composer to aid in setting up.
    The new setup would be providing:
    - Connectivity for DC devices (server chassis, storage, WLCs), including vxlan vlans for inter-DC L2 spanning
    - Termination of WAN services for branch sites - direct dark fibre + ISP routed (BGP)
    - Future connection to internet gateway/DMZ (BGP)
    I've drawn up the basics in a diagram if that helps.

    Questions I have so far:
    Given most leaf-spine examples are for a single DC, and are fully connected with same-sized bandwidth links (mine are 100G for inter-DC, 10G for inter-DC, with only 2 cross-DC leaf-spine links vs 4 for fully connected), is a leaf-spine topology even appropriate at all here?

    Would hand-configuring some kind of EVPN-DCI setup be better, or would I end up with something very similar to what Fabric Composer creates for me automatically?

    Are the "spine" switches appropriate for the ports for WAN terminations or must that absolutely need to be done on border leafs (I see no difference in configuration when selecting the border leaf role in Fabric Composer)?  The WAN branch routers will be running be a mix of OSPF and BGP depending on connection type.

    What consideration needs to be given to the underlay/overlay network type?  I've tried combinations of OSPF/iBGP/eBGP dual/multi ASN.  Would an OSPF underlay integrate into the existing OSPF backbone area I'm connecting to?