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DHCP-BOOTP on Aruba 6000?

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  • 1.  DHCP-BOOTP on Aruba 6000?

    Posted 17 days ago


    Previously we used the 2530, now we have the 6000.

    In the 2530 we would use the webinterface -> interfaces -> vlans ->

    and enabled DHCP/Boop under the IP Config under each VLAN, so we could easily verify if DHCP correctly configured before connecting client devices.

    Now i can't seem to find this option on the 6000.

    After looking at the documentation  https://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/AOS-CX/10.10/PDF/cli_6000-6100.pdf

    I have found i can do this with the commands:

    interface vlan x

    ip dhcp

    but then i get a prompt: "ip dhcp" is supported only on default vlan (vlan1)

    So i suppose i can do it but only for 1 vlan at a time?

    So there is no way like there was previously to enable dhcp for all vlans on the switch and see if all VLANs can receive an IP?

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  • 2.  RE: DHCP-BOOTP on Aruba 6000?

    Posted 17 days ago


    That's correct - unfortunately you can configure dhcp for one SVI only. You can find this information on page 292 in the guide you shared.