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dhcp-server database file location

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  • 1.  dhcp-server database file location

    Posted 27 days ago

    At my current company, we have a few 6300 switches running their own DHCP Services. The reason is because they wanted to take it off the server and move it to the switches since they come up faster and are more reliable in general to include power-related issues.

    I was looking at the configuration and while the switches are doing the DHCP Services, they are set up to save the database of bindings to a server which makes it pointless in a way if the goal was to get away from servers doing DHCP I thought. 

    I was wondering, the current command is:

    dhcp-server database delay 43200 file "tftp://Server_IP/tftp/File_name.db

    Would it make sense to save it to the flash on the switches instead? I know it depends on space available and all, but just trying to think of what the best way would be if the goal they had was to get away from the Servers doing DHCP related services