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dhcp server issue on Aruba 5412R zl2 with Aruba 2930F

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  • 1.  dhcp server issue on Aruba 5412R zl2 with Aruba 2930F

    Posted May 02, 2023 12:14 PM


    I need support for my dhcp-server issue. I have Aruba 5412R zl2 and Aruba 2930F switches. we have one  Aruba Mobility Controller also in this network.

    To add the APs, i have enabled the dhcp server globally and enabled it on single vlan 620 and created dhcp pool only for this vlan IP range. Now the issue is with remaining DATA VLANs, which does not required dhcp. on those interfaces dhcp is working since i enabled it globally. i tried "no dhcp-server" those DATA Vlans still its randomly picking IP address from management VLAN . 

    For example. : 
    My Workstation connected to DATA Vlan is assigned static IP under DATA VLAN range and on NIC adapter its showing one more IP additionally, i.e, in the range of MANAGEMENT VLAN.

    Please have a look on my running config, to sort out the issue : 

    Access Switch


    Core Switch


    i have provided the vlan list which we are using :            VLAN 620       WAP            VLAN 640       IPTV            VLAN 650       DATA                VLAN  99        MGMT


    running config for DHCP and 3 VLANs are mentioned below :

    dhcp-server pool "wifi"
    default-router ""
    option 43 ascii ""
    dhcp-server enable


    vlan 650
    name "DATA"
    tagged Trk5-Trk6,Trk11-Trk20
    ip address

    vlan 620
    name "WAP"
    tagged Trk5-Trk6,Trk11-Trk20
    ip address


    vlan 99
    name "SW-MGMT"
    tagged Trk5-Trk6,Trk11-Trk20
    ip address

    management-vlan 99


    core_running.txt   17 KB 1 version
    access.txt   1 KB 1 version