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  • 1.  DHCP

    Posted May 26, 2022 03:27 PM
    I am using the router (HP 5412zl2) as a DHCP server for our Guest Network.

    This network uses Captive Portal (Ruckus) so you can connect and obtain an IP address but you must enter an access code to gain Internet access.

    The network may have only 5-20 people on it at any given time.

    The DCHP scope is configured to handle 510 ip addresses.

    The lease time is set to 2 hours. ( it was previously set to 8 hours)

    With only 5 devices connected I am seeing the following in the switch logs constantly. 

    No IP addresses to offer from pool

    I figured maybe someone is attempting a DHCP starvation attack on the DHCP scope.
    So I configured DHCP-snooping, and now I am seeing the following switch logs

    backplane: DHCP packets are dropped
    02698 dhcp-snoop: AM1: backplane: DHCP packets are dropped
    port L5 dropped, as neither trusted port nor DHCP Relay configured
    DHCP packets dropped due to high packet rate

    Is this normal?  Should I be looking at other options for DHCP? 

    Please help.

    Aaron Piazza