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DSCP to WMM when DSCP is not on mapping table

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  • 1.  DSCP to WMM when DSCP is not on mapping table

    Posted May 16, 2022 08:10 AM
    Good morning everyone!

    So we are troubleshooting some QoS issues, capturing packets and deciding on what DSCP values to go with. One thing that is bothering me is that the Default DSCP - WMM mapping table does not include alot of values. I am copying the default table below, but noting that you can configure this per SSID in the VAP profiles.

    So, as far as I know, this table works both ways - WMM to DSCP for upstream traffic from the client, and DSCP to WMM mappings for downstream traffic to the client.

    For the upstream traffic, it will map incoming WMM to the first DSCP value on the table when configured with multiple values.

    For downstream traffic, it will map whichever DSCP values are filled in (up to 8 per WMM) to the WMM.

    Now, it seems strange to me that the UCC functions that automatically add DSCP to UCC traffic uses 46 for different types of traffic, but 46 is not on the default mapping table!

    Does this mean that by default DSCP 46 will have no WMM priority? Or is it also prioritized just not on the table? Seems to me you would want the default settings to prioritize what the system is identifying as voice or video!

    Any thoughts?