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Error compiling mib file (IEEE8021-CFM-MIB.mib) in IMC.

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  • 1.  Error compiling mib file (IEEE8021-CFM-MIB.mib) in IMC.

    Posted Apr 19, 2023 08:58 AM


    I have iMC 7.3 (E0708). 
    I'm trying to add a mib file for  FS S3900-24 switch (file FS S3900 Series Switches SNMP MIB files.mib) and this mib require also another mib file - IEEE8021-CFM-MIB.mib.
    When I try to compile in iMC  the IEEE8021-CFM-MIB.mib mib file I receive the followin error:

    [INFO]Begin to compile mib files>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    [ERROR]Compile mib file(IEEE8021-CFM-MIB.mib) in directory(default) failed. 
    Invalid OID standards-association-numbered-series-standards in parsing OID phase.
    Exception Line Number:89
    88:     ::= { iso(1) org(3) ieee(111)
    89?---->>         standards-association-numbered-series-standards (2)
    90:          lan-man-stds (802) ieee802dot1 (1) ieee802dot1mibs (1) 8 }
    92: dot1agNotifications      OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { ieee8021CfmMib 0 }
    [INFO]********** Total 1 MIB files compiled. **********
    [INFO]********** In all 0 compilations succeed. **********
    [INFO]Compiling mib files finished>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    It seems that the OID standards-association-numbered-series-standards is not recognized.
    Any ideas?

    Thank you.