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Fiber Link Network Configuration

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  • 1.  Fiber Link Network Configuration

    Posted Jul 25, 2022 02:58 PM
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    I was able to route traffic from the OPS switch (5406zl) to the Conroe firewall (Left Side) 0/0 >> through VLAN tagging, however I need to route 1 VLAN ( to the Woodlands firewall ( If tried a static route, which didn't work.

    I've read about policy based routing, which requires v2 modules (I have 3 v1's and 3 v2's), so purchasing more modules will be required, and it's not a 100% this will resolve my VLAN routing issues.

    I've also read about access lists for VLAN traffic. My default gateway is on the OPS switch and default route is 0/0 >> Only the 1 VLAN needs a separate route, but how to distinguish it from the default route?

    Attached is a diagram. I can also add the OPS switch config file if needed.