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Gaming - Fortnite

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  • 1.  Gaming - Fortnite

    Posted Oct 10, 2018 03:36 PM

    Is anyone else have a problem with  students compaining about gaming over the wireless network? Usually latency issues,. Is there a solution you have found that works>

  • 2.  RE: Gaming - Fortnite

    Posted Oct 11, 2018 09:53 AM
    Our savvy gamers, when they learn about the variability of wireless throughput that can depend on how many other devices are connected to the AP and what activities they are participating in, request an Ethernet connection to be activated in their residence hall room. That is our best recommendation to offer.


  • 3.  RE: Gaming - Fortnite

    Posted Oct 11, 2018 10:13 AM



    Thanks, that is what i am trying to make everyone understand. Unfortunatly our freshman dorm is wireless only.