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Guest Wireless CoA

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  • 1.  Guest Wireless CoA

    Posted Nov 14, 2023 06:37 PM


    I'm trying to test CPPM guest which is partially working.  I am seeing the URL redirect is being forwarded to the client, I am able to create the account but I never see the CoA being sent from CPPM back to my AP.   Per the screenshots below I am seeing the AVP in output under WebAuth in the access tracker, but when I run a PCAP facing the server I never see those packets sent to the AP on the wire, I do see the Radius packets for the MAC auth and redirect but not the CoA back from CPPM.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Seeing the first mac auth and redirect sent to client.  

    2. Web auth rule is being hit and in output seeing the "subscriber:command=reauthenticate" AVP applied.

    3. Seeing some warning messages in the logs indicating the values for Radius:IETF:Calling-Station-Id and Radius:IETF:NAS-IP-Address value cannot be found but am seeing them in the output above.

    4. Web Auth Service config.