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Heat dissipation Switch+PSU - Impossible to find values

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  • 1.  Heat dissipation Switch+PSU - Impossible to find values

    Posted Feb 22, 2024 04:52 PM
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    Hi Team,

    I am trying to calculate the maximum heat dissipation of a system which is the assembly of :

    • 1xJL661A 
    • 2 JL087A 

    Now from the Iris tool I have the value 327.57BTU/Hr when I have the above configuration BUT i believe this is only for the switch as :

    • When i put only one PSU the total weight doesn't change
    • When I put different PSU the total BTU/HR doesn't change

    I looked almost everywhere to get the chart of power consumption to heat dissipation of the PSU in general but to no avail online, which is why I am asking.

    My reasoning, is the following :

    • The PSU are platinum rated, which means at 100% capacity they are 90% efficient (10% will be dissipated to heat)
    • The Maximum PoE power draw for the switch with the 2 PSU in redundancy mode is 740w, which will bring for me a Heat dissipation at 74w (256BTU/hr)

    So the total heat dissipation of the switch + 2 PSU in redundant mode, worst case scenario is around 580btu/hour (or 170Wh)

    Does that seems logic ? Is there any datasheet or tool providing the heat dissipation of the PSU or the total assembly ?

    Thanks in advance