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How Primary and Management VLAN can be changed?

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  • 1.  How Primary and Management VLAN can be changed?

    Posted Dec 15, 2022 06:52 PM

    I need to change the Management and Primary VLAN on my switches to VLAN 10; therefore  I have done below configuration
    • Onthe GW
      • VLAN 10
      • Stastic IP address
      • Subnet mask
      • DHCP enabled:   range;  GW and DNS
      • LAN port: port mode Trunk, Native VLAN 10, Allow 10, 33 (user VLAN)
    • On the Core Switch
      • VLAN 10
      • DHCP enabled
      • Primary and Management enabled
      • Uplink port untagged VLAN 10
      • Downlink prots to access switches  untagged VLAN 10

    • On access switches uplink and downlinks to IAPs untagged to VLAN 10.

    With the mentioned configuration I can see that core all switches and IAPs still get IP address from VLAN10 range for on the default VLAN:

    VLAN | IP Config IP Address Subnet Mask Std Local
    -------------------- + ---------- --------------- --------------- ----------
    DEFAULT_VLAN |  no no

    Is there any way to fix this issue, or I have to use default VLAN as the primary or management or for both?

  • 2.  RE: How Primary and Management VLAN can be changed?

    Posted Dec 16, 2022 10:05 AM
    Hi, you wrote "on my switches", what switches? which families?

    Then you wrote "management", "default" and "primary" VLAN...can you clarify what you mean when you refer to those names?

  • 3.  RE: How Primary and Management VLAN can be changed?

    Posted Dec 20, 2022 03:51 AM
    If you have VLAN10 untagged from your core to APs/Access Switches, unless you configure those switches as well to have untagged VLAN 10, they will use the default VLAN. An untagged port does not carry a VLAN-ID, and depending on your configuration that is not needed either.

    So to 'fix' this, configure the port on your Access switch facing your core to VLAN10 / untagged, and set an IP (or dhcp client) on VLAN 10 on those switches.

    Hope this is the correct answer, because your explanation is somewhat ambiguous.

    Herman Robers
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