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How to reset Ap 303P to IAP mode that is in RAP mode

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  • 1.  How to reset Ap 303P to IAP mode that is in RAP mode

    Posted Jun 27, 2022 11:34 PM

    I bought a used AP 303P to test out the controller-less management and see if it fits my needs. However, I can't even reset the thing.

    When it boots up normally with an internet connection, it starts sending 3 SSIDs that seem to have been configured by the previous owner. It is pingable, but there is no web interface.
    When I boot it up without an internet connection (blocking the IP in the firewall), it doesn't send any SSIDs and loading the web interface redirects me to

    When I reset it using the method described at Resetting a Remote AP or Campus AP to an Instant AP, after taking 5 minutes to boot, I can enter the web interface and the browser title says "Instant". It sends the SetMeUp SSID. I can then login using the default credentials and I see the virtual controller UI with only the one AP listed. So far so good, I can add a wireless network, which makes the SetMeUp SSID disappear, I can set a controller IP, basically works as expected. The current firmware version is (Digitally Signed - Production Build). When I reboot the AP using the Maintenance -> Reboot menu, it will boot back up as expected and have all my settings.

    HOWEVER: When I power cycle it by removing the network cable, it will have lost all my settings and fall back to sending the 3 SSIDs of the previous owner.

    I have the following things:
    - using the virtual controller UI, flash the ArubaInstant_Ursa_8.7.1.3_79817 firmware
    - using the virtual controller UI, flash the ArubaInstant_Ursa_8.9.0.3_83448 firmware
    - using the virtual controller UI, Maintenance -> Convert -> Convert to Standalone AP
    - using the virtual controller UI, Maintenance -> Configuration -> Clear Configuration
    - using the SSH console, "write memory"

    None of it sticks. If it boots up normally (i.e. without pressing the reset button prior to powering up), it is in RAP mode again. If I boot it with resetting, I get the virtual controller again, but (oviously) all my settings are gone.

    How can it be that after the device confirms to me that all user-defined configuration has been deleted it still connects back to its old controller? And much more importantly: How can I get it to work?

    I appreciate your input as I've been at this for some 20 hours now and I'm that close to throwing the AP in the bin and never touch any Aruba product again.

  • 2.  RE: How to reset Ap 303P to IAP mode that is in RAP mode

    Posted Jul 03, 2022 08:53 AM
    1.dont use same vlan to 303P and old AP
    2.start  boot -> factory

    leo ma