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HP 1810-24g J9803A VLAN configuration

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  • 1.  HP 1810-24g J9803A VLAN configuration

    Posted Aug 08, 2022 11:50 PM
    I apologize for the newbie question... I beg your indulgence.

    I am trying to transition from consumer (Netgear GS30xe series) devices to a more robust switch, the HP 1810-24g J9803A.  I thought I understood how to get it all going but it's not working.  This is for my house, so relatively "low risk" environment.

    Here's the setup I am trying to move from the Netgear to the HP 1810:

    I have 4 VLANs:
    Management VLAN=1, Management port=24.

    Port 1 is going to be the link to the WAN, via an RPi4 running Openwrt.  Ports 2-4 are APs or downstream switches.  For testing purposes, it's attached to a port on another switch (Netgear) receiving traffic 1U 3T 7T 8T.  (ignore the link links in the above screenshot, I had it unplugged when I took the pictures)

    If I connect Port 1 to the LAN and connect Port 4 to the downstream switch, I would expect to have access to downstream devices as well as that switch's GUI.  However, although I get link lights, I can't get to anything on the downstream switch.  If I connect everything tagged the same way, etc, using my Netgear switch,  it works.

    I'm confused because there seems to be some differences in how "trunk" is defined/used by HP vs Cisco etc.  Port 1 is what I would call a trunk - it connects (or will eventually connect) the HP switch to the router and handles tagged VLAN traffic.  There's no link aggregation going on -- just one cable from Port 1 on the switch running to the router.

    Many thanks.  I thought I understood this, based on the fact that I had it working the Netgear ecosystem, but apparently there is a wrinkle here I'm ignorant of.

  • 2.  RE: HP 1810-24g J9803A VLAN configuration

    Posted Aug 09, 2022 05:56 AM
    You are posting in an Aruba forum. You may have more success in the HPE forum for web managed switches.

    Trunk in HP switches is bundling multiple links/port into one logical port. You probably can ignore that.

    If the last 2 screenshots (VLANs > Participation / Tagging) are from the 1820 (I don't have such a switch, so unsure); and you have a working port on a Netgear with on the port configured 1U 3T 7T 8T (VLAN 1 untagged, 3,7,8 tagged); you should do 'the opposite' on the 1820 under VLANs: VLAN 1 U (untagged) for port 1, VLAN 3 T (tagged), VLAN 7 and 8 (if you have those as well) also T (tagged).

    It looks like both switches take a different approach: port configured with VLANs, or VLANs configured with ports.

    If you RPi has VLAN1 as native and tagged VLAN 3, and is connected to port 1, you probably just need to change the T on port 1 for VLAN1 to an U (Untagged).

    Herman Robers
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  • 3.  RE: HP 1810-24g J9803A VLAN configuration

    Posted Aug 09, 2022 10:13 AM
    Hi, unfortunately HPE Community Networking forums (with all known sub-forums) were all marked read only (so no new thread or replies are admitted) many months ago and are now going to be definitley closed as per Warning message. I know, sadly, because I am an HPE Community user too.

    That's to say we're in need to host requests like this one (almost orphaned): If I recall correctly - I should check - most of the historic threads about HP, HPE and rising Aruba (past the acquistion made by HPE) should be made available under the Aruba Airheads Community umbrella (indeed here there is at least a Comware section).