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HP 1950 password recovery

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  • 1.  HP 1950 password recovery

    Posted Aug 08, 2022 11:49 PM

    We have a 1950 that we are locked out of due to losing the admin cli password and also cannot get into the GUI. I would like to get back in without factory resetting. I read the following possible solution in a thread but has anyone done this? Does anyone know what they might be referring to in step 4 when they say "special unlock password"? Is this referring to xtd cli password?


    There is a procedure, but it requires unlocking CLI in 1950. You can contact HPE Support for the CLI unlock password. When you obtain it, this should help:

    1. reboot, Ctrl+D, option 4, Ctrl+B
    2. Option 7 - Skip Current System Configuration
    3. Option 0 - Reboot
    4. Unlock CLI (special unlock password should be used. This is an exception process.)
    5. Enter following commands:
    configuration replace file startup.cfg
    #Current configuration will be lost, save current configuration? [Y/N]: N
    local-user admin
    undo password
    save safely force

  • 2.  RE: HP 1950 password recovery

    Posted Aug 09, 2022 05:40 AM
    Check this post on the HPE community.

    Herman Robers
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