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HP5130ei password and password recovery not working

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  • 1.  HP5130ei password and password recovery not working

    Posted Feb 29, 2024 01:12 PM

    Hi guys,

    Little question about  hp5130ei switches (stack of 3) which I recuperated to incorporate in a new network.

    Via the bootrom I started the switch without config, after startup 'dis cur' gave me 3 lines so no old config.

    Copy pasted the new config with, concerning authentication, the following :

     password-recovery enable

    local-user admin class manage
     password simple info
     service-type telnet http https ssh terminal
     authorization-attribute user-role network-admin
     authorization-attribute user-role network-operator

    (info = temporary pass)

    The first time I needed to login I got AAA authentication failure which is strange since I am 100% sure it is the correct password.

    Since pass recovery is enabled I restarted with ctrl+b and chose option 'Ctrl+P: Change authentication for console login, Skip console login authentication at the next startup. Yes Then option 0 reboot.

    Instead of getting into the config I get prompted to give credentials.

    So pass does not work and pass recovery neither -> ?

    I have other hp5130's on which I tested (and documented) this procedure and on these it went well.

    Tried chatgpt and it gave me a remark that this procedure might not work after certain firmware updates.

    The firmware on the switch was about 3 years old so I updated to : 5130EI-CMW710-R3507P18-US

    I think I am overlooking something, anybody any idea?

    Thx in advance.