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HPE 1950 JG963A creates VLAN out of nothing

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  • 1.  HPE 1950 JG963A creates VLAN out of nothing

    Posted Nov 01, 2023 11:20 AM

    I am trying to get 802.1x Port Authentication with Dynamic VLAN Assignment to work and I have set up a DC with GPOs, a NPS as a RADIUS Server with Network Policies and as a CA, a Firewall for Routing and a HPE 1950 JG963A for 802.1x Port Authentication and Dynamic VLAN Assignment. It basically is working - the machine gets assigned the Guest VLAN while authenticating and the authentication succeeds - but instead of assigning the initial PVID of the port the switch creates a new VLAN and assigns it to the port.

    In the User Guide it says: If "A user in the 802.1X guest VLAN passes 802.1X authentication" "[t]he device assigns the authorization VLAN of the user to the port as the PVID, and it removes the port from the 802.1X guest VLAN. After the user logs off, the initial PVID of the port is restored."

    Unfortunately it is not mentioned anywhere where i can configure the "authorization VLAN". But even the restoration of the initial PVID does not happen after disconnecting the machine from the port.

    The Firmware is up to date.

    Any suggestions?