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HPE SN3600B FC Switch Secure Boot Password Reset

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  • 1.  HPE SN3600B FC Switch Secure Boot Password Reset

    Posted Jan 15, 2024 05:12 PM
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    We have some HPE (Brocade) SN3600B FC Switches. We need to reset the login password but these have Secure Boot enabled and won't allow us to type anything in the pre-boot menu (I.E. command shell).

    We used to enter pre-boot menu on other Brocade switches (i.e. SN6000B etc.) so we could issue a OSLoadOptions="single" command so we could run the passwddefault command.

    Is there a way around this or perhaps a different process for SN3600B that anyone knows of. Thanks for your help!

  • 2.  RE: HPE SN3600B FC Switch Secure Boot Password Reset

    Posted 29 days ago

    SN3600B with Secure Boot Factory Reset

    Hit ESC to stop autoboot and select Command Shell (Option 2)

    Enter "sboot fospasswdreset" command

    This resets the login to admin and password and reboots the switch.

    Login: admin Password: password

    Enter "switchdisable" command and then enter "factoryreset" command.

    The switch will then reboot to factory configuration.