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HPE TOR switch 5945: IRF failover cause BGP flap

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  • 1.  HPE TOR switch 5945: IRF failover cause BGP flap

    Posted May 25, 2023 09:56 AM

    We have 2xHPE switches 5945 connected in IRF and separate BGP peering are there with customer routers (router01 and router02) from each switch.

    While we are doing power failover test on HPE switched by powering OFF IRF master switch01, BGP peering between IRF standby switch02 and customer router02 gets reset/flapped.  

    So questions are:

    1. When IRF master switch is powered down, will it impact whole IRF control plane or not  and for how long.

    2. What is the switchover time interval for standby switch to become master.