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IAP335 APB Beacon not working

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  • 1.  IAP335 APB Beacon not working

    Posted 16 days ago

    I am setting up an Aruba IAP335 controller. Trying to test the BLE IoT service (using WebSocket). I have set up and used both radio-profile and transportProfile.

    Aruba_ap1# show running-config | include iot

    iot radio-profile test

    iot transportProfile chorus_test

    iot use-radio-profile test

    iot useTransportProfile chorus_test

    I also set up my WebSocket server and can receive some beacon. However, the beacon has no BleData included. It only contains the following data:

    meta {

      version: 1

      access_token: "aabbccddee"


    reporter {

      name: "Aruba_ap1"

      mac: "......"

      ipv4: ""

      hwType: "AP-335"

      swVersion: ""

      swBuild: "77366"

      time: 1655077928


    Don't know what's going on. One thing I noticed is that the APB seems to be disabled (see the information highlighted below). Even although I chose "Beaconing" option. 

    Radio Configuration


    Item                          Value

    ----                          -----

    Radio Information             TI ONBOARD Internal BLE 

    Radio Profile Type            --

    Zigbee Supported              No

    APB MAC Address               f4:5e:ab:bb:49:87

    Operational Mode              Beaconing (APB: Disabled)

    Operational BluOS FW Version  OAD B 1.2-42

    Bundled BluOS Upgrade         Enabled (-1)

    Bundled BluOS Images          Bank A(/aruba/bin/UpgradeImage_AP_OAD-A_1.2-42.bin) Bank B(/aruba/bin/Beacon_AP_OAD-B_1.2-42.bin)

    OTA FW BluOS Upgrade          Disabled

    FW Stack Supported            No

    Don't know if this is the root cause and how to solve it. Any suggestions? Thtanks!

  • 2.  RE: IAP335 APB Beacon not working

    Posted 12 days ago
    what instant version are you running?
    see if this command gives you any ideas about where the issue is.
    show ap deb ble-relay disp-attr all

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  • 3.  RE: IAP335 APB Beacon not working

    Posted 11 days ago
    Interestingly, I made no changes in the past few days and only turned off the Aruba AP. After I turned it on, the APB beaconing is working. Last week, I thought about rebooting the device may help before and I did the reboot, but still have the same issue. Looks like I just need to let the device to be quiet for some time, and it can fix the APB itself. That's really strange. 

    Aruba_ap1# show iot radio-profile test        

    Name                :test

    References          :1

    Instance            :internal

    Mode                :ble

    BLE Opmode          :scanning beaconing

    BLE Console         :on

    BLE TxPower (dBm)   :0

    Zigbee Mode         :coordinator

    Zigbee Channel(s)   :auto