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iMC 7.3 E0605P06 upgrade E0703 or E0705 fails

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  • 1.  iMC 7.3 E0605P06 upgrade E0703 or E0705 fails

    Posted Mar 03, 2020 10:57 AM


    I have Red Hat Entreprise Server 6.1 and I want to upgrade iMC to E0705

    iMC is standalone it's E0605P06 version

    DMA starts and after the check of components to upgarde DMA is closed automaticaly (in spite of starting the upgarde procdure)

    2020-03-03 16:43:42 [ERROR] [main] [com.h3c.imc.deploy.Util::setDefaultLookAndFeel(2010)]
    java.lang.InternalError: Unable to load native GTK libraries
    at java.desktop/
    at java.desktop/javax.swing.UIManager.setLookAndFeel(
    at java.desktop/javax.swing.UIManager.setLookAndFeel(
    at com.h3c.imc.deploy.Util.setDefaultLookAndFeel(
    at com.h3c.imc.deploy.CommonComponentUpdateLauncher.main(
    2020-03-03 16:43:43 [INFO ] [main] [com.h3c.imc.deploy.CommonComponentUpdateLauncher::checkEnv(184)] instJavaHome: /root/Downloads/iMC_PLAT_7.3_E0703_Standard_Linux/linux/install/common/jre_linux64
    2020-03-03 16:43:43 [INFO ] [main] [com.h3c.imc.deploy.CommonComponentUpdateLauncher::checkEnv(185)] instJavaHome.exists(): true
    2020-03-03 16:43:43 [INFO ] [main] [com.h3c.imc.deploy.CommonComponentUpdateLauncher::checkEnv(186)] instJavaHome.equals(javahome): true
    2020-03-03 16:43:43 [INFO ] [main] [com.h3c.imc.deploy.CommonComponentUpdateLauncher::checkEnv(190)] javahome: /root/Downloads/iMC_PLAT_7.3_E0703_Standard_Linux/linux/install/common/jre_linux64
    2020-03-03 16:43:43 [INFO ] [main] [com.h3c.imc.deploy.CommonComponentUpdateLauncher::checkEnv(216)] hello run command cat /etc/redhat-release
    2020-03-03 16:43:43 [INFO ] [main] [com.h3c.imc.deploy.CommonComponentUpdateLauncher::checkEnv(222)] version:Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.1 (Santiago

    I need help, is my os too old ?




  • 2.  RE: iMC 7.3 E0605P06 upgrade E0703 or E0705 fails

    Posted Mar 03, 2020 11:15 AM


    That's correct, the OS is outdated and no longer supported on the new versions. This is largely due to the JDK change in iMC on 7.3 E070x versions, moving from Oracle JDK 7 to OpenJDK 11, which no longer supports some older OS releases. Please check the Release Notes for E0705 under Installation Prerequisites:

    It is possible to migrate your existing installation to the newer OS. Migration Guides for Windows and Linux are included in the "manual" folder of the latest iMC E0705 download archive.


    Hope that helps.