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IMC and the 6100's

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  • 1.  IMC and the 6100's

    Posted May 31, 2023 12:12 PM

    Hi All,

    I've got a stack of 6100's that I've recently had delivered and I'm hoping to install them by the end of the week.

    I'm currently trailing IMC (latest version) within the org (used it heavily in previous role). I've hit a snag, well a weird one that's got my stumped.

    Unboxed the first 6100, set it up, snmpv3, ftp server, RESTful API etc. Not a problem, appeared straight away in IMC and can manage all VLANs etc. Great

    As I was setting this up, since being the first CX switch I've setup, I was making notes of all of the new commands in the right order as I looked up the alternatives from the 25XX switches.

    Unboxed the second switch, ran all the same commands, switch imported into IMC, interesting though, a lot more performance counters. But NO VLAN management. Checked everything, login type, SNMPv3, api, telnet, VRFs... Everything passed EVERY test.

    No matter how many times I press sync, VLAN management doesn't appear. Remember it still works fine on the other 6100 on the same firmware version.

    I even downloaded the running configs from both switches, used the compare tool in Notepad++ and as expected, the only difference in the switch configs were the cipher text, names and ip addresses. Which leads me into thinking it's an IMC thing and I'm reaching out here for help.