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iMC claimed all SSH sessions

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  • 1.  iMC claimed all SSH sessions

    Posted Feb 27, 2024 05:11 AM

    I have my first CX6000 series switch almost in production, some connections now go via the CX6300 and no longer via the 3800. So it was time to add it to iMC as well. But now I can no longer logon via SSH. :-( It turns out there are now 4 active ssh sessions from the iMC server.
    Thinking about it this is logical. On the old Aruba switches a session would end after a logout command, on the CX switches logout is unknown and exit is needed. Ok, working now with HPE to upgrade my iMC server, which seems to be a major project in itself, just to go from 7.3 E705P06 to the new 7.3 E710P03 version :-(

    So that is a warning for everyone still using a too old iMC and adding a CX switch for the first time.

    But.... now I want to get rid of the ssh sessions but how?
    I cannot find something like a kill command for the ssh sessions. 
    There is something like a session timeout but givens the 60 sec limit that seems to be just a login timeout.
    So if I cannot kill the sessions and if there is no timeout.... how do I get rid of those unwanted sessions? Or did I mis something in the docs?

    For now all I can think of is just to reboot the switch but cannot be the only way for something so advanced, is it?