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IMC Network Topology view menu buttons

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  • 1.  IMC Network Topology view menu buttons

    Posted May 02, 2023 12:09 PM

    Hi there,

    Im using IMC to monitor our infrastructure. Having always a network map open, from time to time me or one of my collegues accidentally hit one of the auto arange buttons in the menu bar.

    Is it somehow possible to hide those buttons or at least remove the autosave function behind? It's very annoying when the map gets blasted just by one klick.

  • 2.  RE: IMC Network Topology view menu buttons
    Best Answer

    Posted May 03, 2023 04:40 AM


    I don't think it's possible to hide specific buttons for different operators, though you could configure the operator group permissions so that operators in particular groups cannot edit specific topologies.

    More importantly though, the map should not get changed permanently with just one click. I guess you have enabled auto-save on tab close. You can turn it off by going on the Topology Settings > uncheck Save On Close Tab option:

    Now IMC should prompt when you try to close the tab:

    Hope that helps.

    Justin Guse

  • 3.  RE: IMC Network Topology view menu buttons

    Posted May 03, 2023 04:54 AM

    Super, that helps a lot.

    Problem solved.