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Instant On Capacity

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  • 1.  Instant On Capacity

    Posted Jun 02, 2022 02:21 PM
    I've read the specs on the AP22 & AP25 which cites connection capacities per access point.  But is there a limit the number of clients on a particular SSID or site?  Recently read that you could have no more than 150 users (which I assume means clients) per site.  I have probably 300+ devices that will need wireless connections throughout the building and plan to deploy 24 access points to accommodate this.  I can create separate SSIDs, but they would all be part of the same physical site.  Could use some insight.


    Randolph Pitts

  • 2.  RE: Instant On Capacity

    Posted Jun 03, 2022 02:07 PM
    It's ideal to limit less than 100 clients on AP25 and 75 clients on AP22 to expect a real time acceptable performance. Client limitation is on Per Access Point that sum of clients connected to all SSID's in that particular AP.

    Lokesh Gajendran

  • 3.  RE: Instant On Capacity

    Posted Jun 06, 2022 08:59 AM
    Thank you for the reply.

    If I could rephase your reply, would it be accurate then that I could theoretically provide acceptable performance to 1000 clients spread out evenly over 10 AP25s.

    Randolph Pitts