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Integrate 6300's into Cisco environment

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  • 1.  Integrate 6300's into Cisco environment

    Posted Nov 30, 2023 04:54 PM


    I am working on doing some upgrades within my company and we are switching from Cisco equipment to Aruba devices. At one location we are not going to be able to do a rip and replace situation, so I am going to need to integrate our new 6300M switches into the current environment. On the configs of the switches do I still need to have things like aaa and qos setup on the new switches or would the current environment handle that stuff? My goal is to setup a trunk from our Cisco stuff to the new switches and then have our new AP's connected to the new switches.  

  • 2.  RE: Integrate 6300's into Cisco environment

    Posted Dec 06, 2023 06:13 AM

    aaa is mostly done on the access switch, if your 6300M will be your access switch, then those ports should be configured for aaa. Similar to qos, but that can be done at multiple layers.

    It's quite common to replicate the existing switch configuration to new switches, then link the new switches to your existing network (trunk/tagged VLANs), and start moving over clients. In that way you have a nice & smooth migration and you can even move back if needed.

    If it's just APs on the new switches, and the APs are on non-authenticated ports, then it's even easier. But if you are not sure about this, work with your Aruba partner to get proper advice.

    Herman Robers
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