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interface errors on 3100 switch

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  • 1.  interface errors on 3100 switch

    Posted 13 days ago
    Hi all

    I have a number of users reporting slowness on their PCs'. They are all connected to a A3100-24-PoE v2 EI running 5213P08 - I think it's the latest that was released for this switch.

    I have noticed that there are high number of output errors and a matching number of aborts.

    Is it correct to assume if the errors are in output direction this would indicate an issue on the switch end ?

    I have also noticed when  I hardcode duplex and speed on the interfaces the situation changes in a way that there are no more output errors but  input error counter gets populated, that include CRC which weren't present in output direction.

    below is with duplex and speed hardcoded
    84 CRC, 66 frame, - overruns, 1194 aborts
    - ignored, - parity errors

    This is one is with speed and duplex set to auto., output and aborts are always matched. Also the count goes much higher, the below is just seconds after I cleared the counters

    Output: 17 output errors, - underruns, - buffer failures
    17 aborts, 0 deferred, 0 collisions, 0 late collisions

  • 2.  RE: interface errors on 3100 switch

    Posted 13 days ago
    I might have found the reason

    LLDP/5/LLDP_DUPLEX_INCONSISTENT: The mode of duplex mismatch discovered on Ethernet1/0/8 (Full-duplex), with 4H▒nި (Unknown-duplex).

    It must be something in the NIC settings on windows devices that is confusing the switch. Awaiting feedback from another team who will look into it for me.