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ip forward-broadcast on HPE 5710 IRF-Stacks

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  • 1.  ip forward-broadcast on HPE 5710 IRF-Stacks

    Posted Sep 12, 2022 03:56 AM
    Hello community,

    i need your help.
    In a critical environment i need to replace old 5820-switches (Comware 5 - latest) with newer ones (5710 - v7.10 2612 P10).
    Due to special software requierements a broadcast of a user-terminal (changing) needs to be transportet to every other user terminal (on purpose). Also to a second customer location (connected via IP-Sec-Tunnel and ip-routing between the switch-stacks).

    To allow this on comware 5 i hat to activate ip forward-broadcast on a "global" config-scale and also in every "ip vlan-interface".

    Now on Comware 7.1 there ist no "global ip forward-broadcast" switch on the cli, only in "ip interface vlan" context.

    Am i missing here something, or is this global switch not needed.
    btw. this is NO dhcp-helper!!! It is a very special Software, that depends on realtime data distribution via broadcast. (Unicast beeing to slow)

    Please forward even the smallest idea.


    prefers to not experiment with live customer equipment...