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migrating users to another vlan

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  • 1.  migrating users to another vlan

    Posted Nov 22, 2023 10:06 AM

    I have a WLAN with 3 x.x.x.x/24 vlans/subnets. I have added a x.x.x.x/22 vlan to the pool, and I want to migrate the users to the /22, hopefully seamlessly. The end goal is that all users will be on the /22.

    DHCP is Microsoft. We have Mobility conductor with two 7200's controllers.

    I can see two possibilities, but I don't know what ramifications it might cause. 

    1. Disable the DHCP scope(s) on the DHCP server. If I do this, will Aruba Controller see that a DHCP request is not fulfilled (assuming it tries on the disabled DHCP scope), and try on one of other vlan/subnets? All users would eventually time out, and I could delete the vlan/subnet from the pool on the conductor.
    2. Take out a vlan from the pool. If I do this, I fear all users with that subnet/vlan will lose connectivity.
    3. Is there another possibility to force all new (or renew) connections to use the /22 subnet/vlan? 

    Thanks for any hints.


  • 2.  RE: migrating users to another vlan

    Posted Nov 22, 2023 04:51 PM

    1. If disable DHCP scope the client still gets the vlan from the vlan name/pool and don't get DHCP.

    2. If remove a vlan from the pool active client will loose connectivity and need to reconnect to get new vlan and DHCP

    I think go for option 2 but manualy kicks all client form the controller to force reconnection.

    CLI MD Per Contoller "aaa user delete all"

    All users will force to reconnect shortly and get new vlan and dhcp.

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