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Mobility Conductor - AOS Upgrades

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  • 1.  Mobility Conductor - AOS Upgrades

    Posted Apr 12, 2024 03:53 AM

    I'm having a question about the AOS upgrade process in Mobility Conductor (ver
    I want to pre-load the images to the controllers we have in the Mobility Conductor, then I want to execute the reboot at a certain time.
    Or even execute the reboot manually when I see there are no clients connected to the controller at the site.

    How is this possible when doing it via the Mobility Conductor?

    When you have a single controller, there is a option in Mobility Conductor to disable: "Reboot devices after software is installed"
    When doing it like this , I see the software was copied OK, but I do not find anywhere a place where I can reboot it manually or scheduled?

    And when you have a cluster you want to upgrade, you don't even have the option to disable the reboot, and you need to schedule everything in "a big bang"?

    Do anyone have a good idea about this?