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Moving from a controller network to Aruba Central

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  • 1.  Moving from a controller network to Aruba Central

    Posted Aug 09, 2022 05:50 AM

    I just want to ask is it possible to change from a controller managed AP to an Instant AP? Instant AP that is managed by Aruba Central.
    Back story: We have a client with few sites around the world those sites do not have any It staff. They have 7005 controllers and Aruba AP 315, I believe the J number is: JW797A. Can this model AP be converted to an Instant AP? I see there is a convert option on the controller has anyone ever used that ?
    Also, is there any command to confirm the part number of the APs on a wireless controller?


  • 2.  RE: Moving from a controller network to Aruba Central

    Posted Aug 09, 2022 05:55 AM
    apologies forgot to mention this currently is a version 6 controller deployment.

  • 3.  RE: Moving from a controller network to Aruba Central
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    Posted Aug 09, 2022 06:30 AM
    The JW797A is AP-315 Campus AP, so it will not run in Instant mode. And I don't think there is an option to check from the controller what the exact model is.

    If you have Central already, you can add the serial + MAC addresses of your APs (or one of them; get them with the command: show ap database long) to Central and see the exact model/type from there.

    You may consider moving your APs to AOS10 in Central, which is what the ap convert command is for. However, as far as I know you need a controller running AOS8.6 or higher to use that command. And only do that after consulting your Aruba Partner and/or Aruba Support.

    Herman Robers
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  • 4.  RE: Moving from a controller network to Aruba Central

    Posted Aug 09, 2022 09:19 AM
    Thank you for the reply. I have found out how to identify if they are an IAP or CAP AP based on this link:

    On a side note, with Aruba AOS 10 is that going to be fully cloud managed? Is Aruba going to offer AOS 10 as a controller solution as well?
    In my point of view I do not like it as fully cloud managed or even using it as gateways.

    What is Cisco doing with this ? Are they maintaining their Meraki Cloud Solution and still offering a controller solution?

  • 5.  RE: Moving from a controller network to Aruba Central

    Posted Aug 10, 2022 03:43 AM
    Hi Danger,

    You can use Aruba Central AOS10 with or without physical controllers. The controllers are called "gateways" now.
    The way how it works is a little different.

    With AOS10 Gateways (controllers) one or more SSID can by tunneled to a centralized gateway and RADIUS authentications will be handled by the gateway controllers. But on the Gateways you will only see tunnels, roles and policies. All wifi client stuff (802.11) is in the access points, all central managed with Aruba Central.

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  • 6.  RE: Moving from a controller network to Aruba Central

    Posted Aug 10, 2022 10:25 AM
    Can you confirm if on the controllers any licenses are required?
    What happens with the PEFNG, AP and RFP license when migrating to AOS 10?
    I may be mistaken but AOS 10 does not require those licenses and the only license requirement is the ones in Central. Is that correct?
    Customers see that they have previously invested in those licenses and cannot take them with them to another version. With V6 to V8 migrations we moved the V6 licenses to V8 with the help of Aruba licensing team. This helped reduce the cost to the end customer. I do not think it is possible in AOS 10 as those licenses are not used as that is completely different architecture. Please let me know if I am wrong?

    I have seen customers move to other vendors, I personally see a lot of customers moving to other vendors because they do not like AOS10 architecture and them losing their original licensing they invested in.

  • 7.  RE: Moving from a controller network to Aruba Central

    Posted Aug 10, 2022 11:42 AM

    Thats correct, AOS10 is a total new cloud-based platform and not the same as AOS8 controller-base systems. Aruba Central don't have any AP,PEF,RFP,etc. licenses.

    Aruba Central have one device subscription per AP and have two forms "foundation" and "advanced". For gateway and controllers there are only "foundation" subscriptions per device and this subscriptions have to match with the device type (cx6200 have other subscriptions as a CX8300 or gateway). For gateways there is an option with or without SD-Branch.


    See this link for more info


    There is no refund program for your existing AOS8 controller-based licenses but you can contact your HPE Aruba Partner to see if something is possible. This will also depends on the age of the licenses.


    On the other side of the story is that Aruba Central as Cloud-Based solution is centralized, flexible, and will lower your overall management cost. No more Airwave or Mobility Master to keep running and maintained, less power consumption, less resources claimed on your hypervisor farm, updates are much easier/faster . And daily management will be much more easy even as deployment cost.


    Noted that TAC support is includes in the Aruba Central device subscriptions, no more need for yearly renew your AP,PEF,RFP support packages.



  • 8.  RE: Moving from a controller network to Aruba Central

    Posted Aug 10, 2022 12:26 PM
    Thank you this makes sense.